Born London, Chelsea Studio 1956. Her lineage goes back to William the Conqueror. The family moved to Paris in 1963 where she went to a bilingual school, returning to London in 1965 she was sent to a Catholic Convent boarding school in Sussex. After five years in this convent, she felt terrorised by the nuns and was expelled for her resistance. She then accompanied her family to Moscow in 1971, the days of the Iron Curtain, where her stepfather was on an assignment for the Telegraph, returning to London a year later to continue her education.

At 18 while still studying at college, she had to look for paid work as she had no parental support. She found a promotional role for Penthouse Uk, notably at Formula 1 Racing with the Hesketh Team and powerboat racing events. An introduction to Bob Guccione, publisher of Penthouse International, led to a five year liaison, and he photographed her for three separate pictorials as Pet of the Month, British Pet of the Year and Jane – Is This One of the Most Beautiful Girls in the World’. She lived for a year at the Guccione residence in New York, which had been the former home of Judy Garland.

On a special request from Bob Guccione, she was coerced into taking part in the notorious film, Caligula, but becoming more aware of the exploitation in these soft porn developments, she decided to change direction and returned to London. Within a short time, the owner of a model agency saw her potential and she began an international career in commercials, fashion, beauty and advertising, working with such notables as Tony Scott, David Bailey, Lord Patrick Litchfield, Clive Arrowsmith and many others.

Further down the line, seeking to recreate her deepest self and find her own personal liberation, she returned to her earlier passion and began to develop herself as an artist, first studying at Richmond School of Art, going on to Chelsea School of Art and Design in 1992.

Since then she has undertaken a deeper more meaningful journey, at times a difficult path, of curiosity and the questioner, a voyage of discovery, of seeking and becoming, developing her own artistic language and eclectic imagery with inspirations and insightful observations of the Universe absorbed by empathy, communicating through in-feeling, the deep levels of the human psyche and from the pores of a life lived with implicit incorporation into her work. Her ongoing endeavor seeks the new, a new way of being in the world, a new way of seeing and understanding systems and behaviours, with freedom to explore her own lines of development incorporating an assimilation of the layers of human existence, and finding an “ all over-ness”, a dense continuum of events, profoundly involved and connected with everything.





Exhibitions include:

Wimbledon Art Studios open exhibition 2010
Wimbledon Art Studios open exhibition 2009
Mixed show at the Globe Gallery Weybridge 2008
Mixed show at Orleans House Gallery Twickenham 2007
Mixed show at The Smith Gallery Teddington 2006
Arthouse Open Studio/Exhibition in Association with Richmond Arts Council 2006
Mixed show at the Smith Gallery 2005
Arthouse Open Studio/Exhibition in Association with Richmond Arts Council 2003
Mixed show at The Old Warehouse Gallery, Dorchester 2001
Arthouse Open Studio/Exhibition in Association with Richmond Arts Council 2000
The First Affordable Art Fair London 1999
The Art Supermarket at Harvey Nichols London and Becks Munich 1998-1990
The Houses of Parliament mixed show 1990
The artist also undertakes commissioned work.

Jane Hargrave’s work is in many private collections including:

Mr Alan Price
Mr and Mrs H Yunis
Sir Richard Onslow
Mrs Claire Bramley
Miss Victoria Ellerton
Mr and Mrs D Rowe
Mr and Mrs J L Hargrave
Mr and Mrs P Lofthouse
Mr David Mossman